#WorldsToughestJob Video: Delightful or Deceitful?

By Kimberly Carlson

There is a video making the rounds across the internet, and I'm curious to know whether you find it delightful or deceitful. Have you seen it yet? I’m not going to spoil the ending for you if you haven’t, but know that it starts with this job posting in which the duties included things like “... Read More

What’s in a Name?

By Kimberly Carlson

As pop culture buzzes about which name William and Kate will give to the new royal prince, and women like Katie Hopkins says “I do judge children by their names,” on a popular British morning talk show, ... Read More

National Parenting Gifted Children Week

By Kimberly Carlson

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a parent would send their child off to school knowing they would have all the educational tools they would need to get the education they require. In today’s world, however, we all know parents must play a much more active, integral part in our children’s educa... Read More