Healthy Halloween Starts at Home

By Kimberly Carlson

I had the great fortune of interviewing Dr. Keith Kantor recently. Dr. Kantor holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, serves on the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Committee and is the author of What Matters. Dr. Kantor is passionate about teaching healthy lifestyles to families across the nation. ... Read More

Marshmallow Popcorn Recipe

By Leigh Anne Wilkes

The Best Marshmallow Popcorn Recipe I, like many of you, have a new addiction.  That addiction is called Pinterest.  I now have more ideas and more recipes pinned than I could use in two lifetimes!  My goal is to try at least one recipe I have pinned each week. I have found though that the commen... Read More

Oregano Chicken

By Leigh Anne Wilkes

For years I was strictly a white meat kind of girl.  I always chose the breast over the thigh.  Fortunately my husband enjoyed the dark meat so it balanced out quite nicely. Well, a few years ago I discovered how moist and lovely dark meat can be and started using chicken thighs in my cooking.... Read More

Cranberry Sour Cream Bars

By Leigh Anne Wilkes

It is definitely cranberry season! If you don't get your cranberry fix at Thanksgiving dinner you can get it with this recipe. You can used dried cranberries or change it up a bit and used dried pomegranate or dried cherries. I found both of them right next to the dried cranberries. You ha... Read More

Teriyaki Chicken in the Crock Pot

By Leigh Anne Wilkes

Fall has definitely arrived and it is time to break out the crock pot at our house. I love using my crock pot in the Fall. I love smelling dinner cooking all day long. It is just so warm and cozy. I have recently become somewhat of a Pinterest junkie. My "To Try" recipe list has quadrupled as a r... Read More

Lemon Butter Cream Cake

By Leigh Anne Wilkes

I love any excuse to bake a cake. Cakes should not be for birthdays only. Who doesn't love a pretty and delicious cake? When we decided to go to a free symphony concert in the park last weekend with friends I thought it was the perfect excuse to make a cake. Who wouldn't enjoy a concert in the pa... Read More

House Salad with Lemon Dressing

By Leigh Anne Wilkes

Summer and salads just go together. This salad recipe has become one of my favorite go to salads this summer. It is quick and easy to put together and the light lemon dressing makes it oh so lovely and healthy. The original recipe came from A Bountiful Kitchen. Their version called f... Read More

White Chocolate Decadence

By Leigh Anne Wilkes

I love white chocolate.  It is usually my chocolate of choice. Today's recipe is a white chocolate lover's paradise.  It is full of white chocolate, from top to bottom. Be sure to use a good quality white chocolate for this recipe.  I usually buy a bar or block of white chocolate instea... Read More

Fruit Tart

By Leigh Anne Wilkes

It's almost berry season here in Oregon and I can't wait. It seems you can just about find berries in the grocery store year round thanks to places like Mexico and California but there is nothing like a fresh, locally grown Oregon berry!  Yum! I was asked to make dessert for a women's meeting... Read More

Fried Rice

By Leigh Anne Wilkes

I am not a huge leftover fan but fortunately my husband is. I don't mind eating the same thing twice if I can disguise it in another form. Fried rice is one of those recipes that allows you to use up your leftovers but you don't feel like you are eating leftovers! Remember that yummy Chicken ... Read More